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Start A Peer-To-Peer Mentor Program!

Peer Mentors Teach Other Kids Academic And Coping Skills

So Everyone Can Succeed In School!

In 2015, Teen Lifeline reported that every 7.5 days, an Arizona teen between 15 and 24 commits suicide. Kids struggle daily to cope with stress from teachers, home, bullies, and the media. Instead of seeking help, many teens resort to self-destructive behaviors, like drug and alcohol abuse, cutting, gang membership and worst of all, suicide. To prevent these numbers from growing, Kids Who Care educates teens to be Peer Mentors who empower their friends and other students to achieve academically and manage stress safely.

With Peer Mentors, students learn and practice academic skills before, during and after school in an atmosphere that is empathetic, kind and compassionate. All students are encouraged to use analytical and critical thinking skills to meet Common Core goals and objectives while learning coping skills to manage stress. Because Peer Mentors and their supervisors are not healthcare professionals, they will be taught to refer students “in crisis” to school guidance counselors or our partners at Teen Lifeline.

Peer Mentors empower their friends and other students to achieve academically and manage stress in a safe and constructive way. Kids Who Care Peer Mentors all all about EMPATHY!



Your Campus

Our training program is FREE to all schools. With Peer Mentors on campus, students can get academic support before, during, or after school! Discover how it works here.



Do you want to be a peer mentor? or Are you interested in helping other kids solve problems? Check it out here.



Students mentors develop strong characters, are more engaged in their schools and gain a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Find out how to support your students, teachers and schools.



Community Partners are co-educators and facilitate onsite learning and reflection. If your organization wants to partner with Kids Who Care, you can learn more here.

In the U.S. 160,000 kids are bullied every day and are too worried, scared or stressed to go to school. Kids Who Care trains Peer Mentors to show EMPATHY to everyone!

Kids Who Care Peer Mentors

    • Prepare lessons to meet individual students’ learning styles and levels of understanding
    • Allow students to progress at their own pace, there is no competition
    • Give private instruction, apart from whole class instruction
    • Give peer feedback and encouragement over what they might receive from a teacher
    • Demonstrate examples in language and terms a student relates to
    • Provide structured time for students to think and talk about problems that interfere their learning
    • Extend friendship beyond tutoring time




    1 in 3 Students Do Not Graduate on Time.
    Peer Mentoring is One Solution.

    Kids Who Care is about EMPATHY IN ACTION – students who work with peer mentors are more engaged in their classrooms and more likely to stay in school.
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    Peer Mentors-Success Stories



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    Middle School students from Sheely Farms in Tolleson used their organization and communication skills to address a specific social issue affecting their community – hunger.

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